Torleif Severin Knaphus

Who was he?


Personal Journal of TSK until 1908

A Life History -Personal Journal by TSK

The Story of Grandpa’s Life - as written by Linda Spots Duncan

TSK: Norweigian Artist and Sculptor

TSK, Sculptor, Saint by William G Hartley

Son & Grandson

History of Lars and Liva Knaphus by Anne Marie (Knaphus) James

My Grandparents January 1951 Improvement Era

History of our Norwegian Grandparents by TSK

Service They Rendered by TSK


TSK Leaves Norway for America


Genealogical Research - My Life’s Hobby by TSK

My Grandparents by TSK

Report of my 50 years of Genealogical Research Work by TSK

TSK’s Life-long Pursuit of Genealogical Research

Our Family Coat of Arms (Heraldry)

Our Royal Direct-line from TSK to King Herald Haarfargre “Fairhair”


Sculpture Projects of TSK

Statement of the Work I Have Done for the Church on Wage Basis

The Call - by TSK regarding his trip to Hill Cumorah

The Hill Cumorah Monument... in the JBMS


Art - It’s Many facets - by TSK

Torleif’s Philosophy of Art by TSK


   Emilia “Millie” Helena Christensen

       Life History of Millie by Marie (Knaphus) James

       History of Millie by Grace (Knaphus) Humphrey

       Poem to Millie by Torleif 1917

       Tribute to Millie after her death by Torleif

    Rebecca “Marie” Jacobson

       Life History of Marie by Becky Beddoes

       Note to Marie by Torleif


   Link to His Children’s Histories