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Issue 10

Alignment of the Angels in Palmyra

If you’re interested in playing with a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) device, check this out…


Daniel V. Boudillion had a theory that the north face of the Hill Cumorah Monument’s obelisk on which Torleif’s Angel Moroni rests is pointed directly to the Smith farm 2.4 miles away.  We know from “The Call” that Torleif was a key decision-maker on the placement and positioning of the monument. 


And indeed they decided to place the monument on the northern-most crest of Hill Cumorah pointing to the Smith farm – more specifically pointing to the Sacred Grove where Joseph Smith received his first vision and the beginning of the restoration of the Church.  Obviously, in 1935 GPS navigational devices were not yet even conceived!


TWO  Golden Angels on

TWO  Square Obelisks

TWO  Miles Away

TOO Coincidental?

(Erected in 1935)

(Constructed in 2000)

Today the Palmyra Temple is aligned to Celestial North (the North Star).  It was constructed on the original 100-acres of the Smith farm on the tallest hill of the property – not far from the Sacred Grove.


With the accuracy of the GPS data, Mr. Bodillian discovered the north face of the Hill Cumorah Monument’s obelisk is lined up exactly with not only the Palmyra Temple, but with the Angel Moroni (by Karl Quilter) on top of the square obelisk of the temple! 


It is aligned within 0.127 degrees or an accuracy of 99.92% exact - an alignment so infinitesimally precise that it rules out coincidence – or does it?  So was it intentionally arranged, aligned by chance, or was it fate?   H-m-m-m-m?!?!


To see Mr. Boudillion’s research check out (