The Knaphus Family Organization maintains three purposes:

1- Family History Focus - Build upon Torleif S. Knaphus’ genealogical accomplishments and perpetuate the family history efforts.  Encourage family members to develop an interest in educating themselves about our Norwegian heritage and appreciate our living Knaphus relatives.

2- Artwork and Life Legacy Focus - Help the Knaphus family descendants, and others, appreciate the artwork and life legacy of Torleif S. Knaphus and his family.

3- Family Unity Focus - Gain appreciation for and promote family love and friendship for our extended Knaphus family members, thus nurturing family unity.



Welcome to the Knaphus Family Organization Website:

-Explore the art and life legacy of Torleif S. Knaphus (1881-1965)

-Perpetuate his extensive family history efforts

-Honor the memories of our Norwegian ancestors

-Build family unity